My Story: Coaching Youth Sports

Coaching youth sports is becoming a pretty big deal to me.  As our third child is knocking on the door of playing, and me coaching, it consumes a fair amount of time.  And I love each minute.

My Story: Coaching Youth Sports - - Growing Family Leaders

I even had the opportunity to help coach a local school basketball team this winter.  It is somewhat surprising that I coach, although it shouldn’t be.  It is kind of in my DNA.

The coaching equation

My dad coached my brother’s teams and my teams when we played, and my brother went on to be a college basketball coach.  Although I resisted initially, and never thought it would come to be, I really had no choice.  My love of sports, and the desire to spend time teaching and guiding my kids was just to much to say no.

The “numbers” don’t lie

Even though it all added up, it took a youth coach training session at the YMCA to truly get me to accept it and all it brings.  I shared my story, going back to my childhood, in my latest CoachUp blog post.  Below is an excerpt of the post.

Although my dad was a youth sports coach, and my brother was a coach at the collegiate level, I never thought I would coach.

I thought, “no chance!”  Now I’m hooked and realize what great responsibility comes with it, and what a privilege it is.

How coaching began for me

I will never forget the first time I signed up to coach.  I only signed up because my daughter was playing, and they didn’t have enough parent volunteers.  I remember thinking, “how did I get into this?”  The first task was to attend a coaches training hosted by the YMCA director.

A training for coaching 6-7 year olds, why was this necessary?

Click here to read the full post, and to join the conversation taking place on the CoachUp blog.

Question: Are you a coach or teacher?  Please share what you love about it in the comment section below.

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