How Homeschooling Can Make Your Family Closer

One of the greatest benefits from our choice to homeschool our children has been how it has made us a closer family. The challenges, and the nature of homeschooling has caused us to grow and to grow together.

Homeschooling brings the family together, including dad

If you are a homeschooling family, you have probably experienced some of these things as well. Regardless, for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers, we all desire to be closer to our families.

Missing out…

I can remember when our daughter was in public school, and I felt so detached from what she was doing.  I couldn’t really tell you what she learned.  She shared a lot when she came home from school each day, but I’m sure a lot was left out too.  It was even a challenge just to visit her at the school because of the visitor policies.

What is awesome about homeschooling is this process of bringing the family together is at its core. Many times you are “forced” to take actions and do things which ultimately result in your family growing and growing together.

Here is How Homeschooling Can Make Your Family Closer

Time with your family.  One thing you are guaranteed to get with homeschooling is time with your family.  There is no waking up, getting dressed, and dropping the kids off at school or daycare.  Many people shutter at the idea of spending all day with their children, but it is a GREAT thing.

One of the best ways to develop relationships with a person, is time spent with that person.  In fact, it is impossible to develop a relationship without time spent.  The more time spent together the better you know and understand one another.  Homeschoolers spend a lot of time with their family members.

Activities with your family.  Although homeschoolers spend a lot of time with their family, all of that time is not, and does not have to be at home.  When you homeschool, you actively search for activities and events for your entire family.  This is intentional and necessary.  This adds a fun element to homeschooling.

Field trips, zoo trips, museums, park-days, co-op days.  These activities all add to the homeschooling experience, and the activities are completed with your family.  Homeschoolers do a lot of activities and events with their family members.

Problem solving with your family.  Whether you are homeschooling your kids or not, you have probably forgotten a lot of what you learned in school.  In addition, we all have a limited amount of knowledge and experience, and learn new things all the time.  This is the norm and the M.O. for homeschoolers.

What is awesome about it is how problems are worked on and solved together.  I have learned from my daughter, just as she has learned from my wife and I.  So challenges and problems are not left for one person to solve, but it becomes a family challenge for all to overcome.  Homeschoolers solve many problems with their family members.

Sharing with your family.  Sharing is the norm with homeschooling.  From passing down curriculum, to sharing school supplies, to sharing in the learning experience.  Many times we will all be working from the same work space, our kitchen table!

The parents may share in the responsibility of teaching certain subjects to the kids.  Homeschoolers learn to share and actively do so with their families.

Depending on your family.  One person in the family may be spearheading or directing the homeschooling efforts, but the entire family is needed to make it successful.  When mom and/or dad has to prepare lessons, and prepare dinner, and work, their are a lot of other things that need to be done.

When we give our children an assignment we depend on them to complete it without us staying on top of them.  There are assignments that they need our constant help.  However, many things can be done with brief instruction, and those provide opportunities to help the other children or do any other tasks that need to be done.  Homeschoolers depend on their family to get things done.

Appreciating it all…

All of these things have managed to grow us, and make us a closer family.  I truly enjoy it and appreciate it all.  In the not-so-distant future our kids will be going to college, mission work, and/or starting their careers.  We may not have as much time together when that happens.  These times will be remembered by all of us, and we’ll be thankful that we had the “extra” time spent, which brought us closer and helped us grow.

How has school (homeschool or traditional) brought your family closer together?  Please share in the comment section below.


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17 thoughts on “How Homeschooling Can Make Your Family Closer

  1. Homeschooling has allowed my teenage daughters to work in my consulting business. They are learning new skills and after years of me leaving to go work and earn the money for the family. It is awesome that we now get to do it together.

  2. I have been homeschooled all my life, along with my siblings, and we are a close and happy family ( along with the occasional arguments and debates:)

  3. This post is wonderful! I am actually writing a research paper on why homeschooling brings families closer together. Great job! Keep up the good work

  4. Lovely post with a strong message. I wasn’t homeschooled myself, nor could I imagine it for my children, but what a wonderful idea and I can absolutely see the bonds created must be hard to compare. Thanks for the post.

  5. We homeschooled our kids for 11 years. I missed the first years of their schooling but all of them received the end of their school years through homeschooling. They didn’t sit at home all day, all of them took some classes at the local community college, they all worked since the age of 14 and they all had outside activities such as sports and 4-H. Then there was the social side of each of them but we didn’t worry because we where a close family. We knew their friends, they usually did activities together since the friends of one child was usually the friend of another child in the same family. And they talked! They told us things. Now that they are adults they still talk we haven’t lost the closeness they we had as they where growing up. I love homeschooling and think its a great benefit for a family.