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A majority of marriages end in divorce.  That is the sad truth. Statistics say at least half of all marriages do not make it.  That bothers me, as I am very passionate about marriage, and hate to see marriages end.  However, I do love when I see marriages that last and marriages that thrive.

Pain = Passion

I am encouraged by happily married couples, and always try to learn how they keep their marriage going, and going well.  My wife and I have personally witnessed several people close to us go through divorce. Those experiences REALLY hurt and impacted us.  Sometimes we felt we didn’t reach out enough, or didn’t do enough to help them.  As a result we both want to do everything we can to help other married couples survive and thrive.

Learn from Others

One way I hope to help marriages, including ours, is to learn successful marriage principles, put them into practice, and share them with others.  I know that I don’t know everything, and haven’t experienced everything there is about marriage, so I look to others for ideas.

New Marriage Series…Join me!

Tomorrow, I am introducing a new series on marriage and teaming up with a fellow blogger, Shawn Snyder. Shawn writes The Odd Couple Blog, and shares a similar passion for marriage.  Join us each Friday over the next several weeks as we talk about various marriage topics.  Shawn will share ideas from the perspective of a woman/wife, and I will share ideas from the perspective of a man/husband.  It should be fun, and very helpful!  I expect the comment section below each post to be very interesting!  Make sure you share your 2 cents!

Question:  What marriage topics would you like to discuss?  Please share in the comment section below.



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One thought on “Join Me For My Weekly Marriage Series

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