Is a Lack of Good Nutrition Hurting Your Kids?


In the United States obesity is a major concern, especially childhood obesity.  Without even throwing out some statistics to you, you can probably notice it by looking at some of your kids friends.  Maybe even your own kids.   You may say “kids don’t get out and play like they used to,” and I agree.  However, it could also be good nutrition is lacking in your kids’ diet.

Parents with bad nutrition = kids with bad nutrition

My wife and I have recently discussed our bad eating habits.  We are working toward a more plant-based and raw food diet, but have yet to be consistent.  Our habits translate to our kids habits.  If we are not practicing healthy eating habits then it will be less likely our kids do either.

Good nutrition is essential to your kids

Good nutrition is especially important when your kids are active.  Our kids play sports pretty much year round.  Their bodies need not just food, but quality food.  High nutrient food.  When they don’t have good nutrition their bodies show it.  They are sick more, tired more, and have a lower attention span just to name a few things.

Good nutrition gives your kids an advantage

When they compete in their sports this puts them at a competitive disadvantage to the kids who get good nutrition.  This week in my latest CoachUp blog post I discussed good nutrition and how it can give a young athlete a competitive advantage.  Below is an excerpt of the post.

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I have learned through teaching my kids, coaching youth athletes one great way to get them to follow my lead.  Is to lead them with action.  If you want them to shoot a proper left hand layup, then getting out there and doing it is very effective.

If you want your athletes to practice proper nutrition, then you model it.  Besides the fact your athletes will have an edge and perform better, it will have a great impact on you.

Not only will it impact your energy and performance levels as coach, it will greatly impact your health.  It will impact your life, and your family.  Far too many coaches, of all levels, have health issues.

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Question:  How can your family practice good nutrition together?  Please share in the comment section below.

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May 30, 2013