Today is not just about today


Have you ever had a bad day and racked your brain in an attempt figure out what went wrong?  Well, I have been there many times, and what I’ve come to realize is if I am reflecting only on today more than likely I will not find the root of my bad day.  My decisions and actions yesterday, the day before, and so on have the biggest impact on how I am living today.

I am a very visual person, so this year I have started a practice of writing one compelling thought or question on my white board in plain view for me to see and think about throughout the day.  Something that keeps me on task, on target, and focused.  Very similar to a vision board, but it is something that challenges me to solve a problem or change a behavior.  After having a full week of “bad days” I realized that there was a pattern and each day began a snowball effect which dictated what would happen the next day.  Below is a picture of my white board today.

This statement was not a new revelation to me, but it served as a handy reminder.  I will not solve all of my problems in one day,  but what I do today will effect what happens the next day, month, and even year.  So I began to think, what am I doing (or not doing) that is going to bring me the best results tomorrow.  I pose similar questions to you.

What are you eating today that will effect your health tomorrow, what are you reading today that will increase your knowledge tomorrow, who are you spending time with today that will bring you more fulfillment tomorrow, what are you spending your money today on that will put you in a better financial position tomorrow, and what will you do differently today that will make you a better person tomorrow?

Remember “what you do TODAY, effects how you live TOMORROW.

Feb 10, 2012