What Writing Daily Has Done for Me and What You Can Learn From It


It is amazing when you give to others, how much you receive.  When you encourage people how much you are encouraged.  And when you teach practical ideas how much you learn.

Since I have been blogging and attempting to GIVE more, ENCOURAGE people, and TEACH what I’ve learned to the readers of my blog, it has come back to me.  I am thankful for each and everyone of you who read my blog!

For those who have been reading my blog since the beginning you may have noticed some improvement.  At least I hope so. 🙂  Every once in a while I go back and check out my first few posts, and I definitely notice improvement!  Any improvement in my blog, my writing, or me personally has not come by accident.

Lessons from a professional

This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs, GoinsWriter.com by Jeff Goins, and came across a post called The Athletics of Art.  Anytime somebody mentions athletics, I am reading it! 🙂 The post was written by a guest blogger, Charlie Carroll, who was a former professional soccer player.

In the post Charlie told of a story when he played soccer for a world-class and legendary coach.  The story centered around the practices in which the coach had them do the basic beginner drills each and every practice, each and every day.  This really frustrated Charlie, and then one day it clicked.  He realized he was getting better at his craft.  Better than he had ever been.  All due to the focus on the basic fundamentals and attending the “school of repetition.”

You can be great!

That is where I am right now.  I am having that ‘aha’ moment that my writing is getting better and becoming more inspiring, and more encouraging for more people.  I have been blogging almost every day since April.  Recently I began waking up at 4am to write, well sometimes 6am. 😉  Each and every morning, 7 days per week, I read my bible, pray, and then begin to write until my kids wake up and interrupt me.  I’m usually done in time to work out with my wife, and go about my day.

I believe, much like Charlie, this is the way to be great at any art, at anythingYou can do it with your art.  You can do it with your passion.  You can do it  with anything you want.  Learn the basics, and do it over and over and over and over!

Help others and you help yourself

In additional to the improved writing, the encouragement I have received from you, and the lessons I have learned, I am receiving many opportunities to write for other blogs, websites, magazines, and organizations.  I’ve been doing some small freelance writing since I began my blog, but nothing major.  It isn’t something that I have focused on a whole lot, until now.

Beginning immediately I am offering freelance writing services to those who can use a good content, blog, or article writer.  If you have received anything of value, been encouraged in any way, or learned anything from my blog I am now asking for your help.

Will you do one (or all three) of the following for me?

  1. Provide a recommendation of my writing in the comment section below, that I may use to help secure writing opportunities.
  2. Share this link, https://jackiebledsoe.com/freelance-writing, on your Facebook and/or Twitter page, and tag me and/or mention me in the post.
  3. Send me an email to discuss your current writing needs and let me create awesome content, blog posts, or articles for you!  (Don’t have a writing need at this time?  When you, or someone you know does, keep me in mind and send me an email then!)

Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for considering me to meet your writing needs!


Aug 15, 2012