7 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Guaranteed to Arrive on Time

Last-minute gifts for your spouse that aren't cheesy

I’m in the middle of my annual ritual of last-minute Christmas shopping. For someone who doesn’t like shopping when the stores aren’t packed, you’d think I’d do all I can to avoid shopping when the stores are jam-packed with Christmas shoppers!

Last-minute Christmas gifts for your spouse

But, nope, here I am still trying to get it done! By the crowds at the mall yesterday, I’m not the only one. You might be in the same boat. So, I’ve put together a list of last-minute gifts that you don’t have to go outside of your house and are guaranteed to arrive on time.

Give the gift that your spouse (and marriage) will remember next Christmas and beyond. The 7 Rings of Marriage is on sale for $2.99 (82% off the retail price). This price is available until December 24th!

1 – Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Do they love to cook, or just don’t have time to prepare meals? My wife works out 6-days per week but struggles to fix meals for herself. A meal delivery service like Blue Apron or HelloFresh will send all the ingredients necessary to your door.

2 – An experience

An experience can be one of the best gifts you can give and can be purchased last minute without leaving your house. Check Groupon for deals. Find when their favorite artist is performing near you and go to Ticketmaster. Or book that flight and hotel for an overnight or weekend away in the city.

3 – Fandango gift card

Is your spouse a movie buff, or just likes to go out and enjoy a movie and dinner. Buy a Fandango movie gift card, so he/she can enjoy their must-see movies as they come out this season and into the new year.

4 – Lululemon gift card

As I mentioned my wife works out 6-day per week. She can never have too many yoga pants, leggings, or sports bras. Even if your spouse isn’t working out 6-days per week, some Lululemon gear would be a great gift. Plus, fellas, if you are like me you’ll love seeing your spouse in yoga pants like I do mine.

5 – Away gift card

I travel pretty regularly and having the right carry-on luggage is crucial. Not having to be crowded with several people hovering over outlets for my phone is helpful too. I recently heard about Away a company receiving rave reviews for a carry-on that charges your devices.

6 – Clothing subscription boxes

The web and technology have changed the game in so many ways. Clothing subscription boxes are one of those ways. You get clothes shipped to you — what you like you pay for. It can be a great gift idea for your spouse. One of the more popular boxes for women is Stitch Fix and Trunk Club for men.

7 – Spotify or Apple Music streaming service

Is music his or her thing? Then give them the gift of their own virtually unlimited music library. There are many services which offer “more than 40 million songs” at their fingertips pretty much wherever they are. Both Spotify and Apple music offer monthly and annual subscriptions.

BONUS –  The 7 Rings of Marriage Kindle book

I had to throw this in. And this is not just a gift for your spouse, but for your marriage as well. The 7 Rings of Marriage (currently on sale for $2.99) is a gift that will bless your marriage for years to come.

I literally ran into a guy while doing my last minute shopping yesterday, who said, “my wife and I are still using your book!” I met this guy while speaking at an event in the spring of 2016 and they bought the 7 Rings at that event. It is still blessing them today!

Give the gift that your spouse (and marriage) will remember next Christmas and beyond. The 7 Rings of Marriage is on sale for $2.99 (82% off the retail price). This price is available until December 24th!

Don’t be discouraged if you are still shopping. But also, don’t go running yourself ragged in and out of stores today and tomorrow. Use this list of gifts and find the ideal gift for your spouse right from home.

Merry Christmas!!

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