A Valentine Day Special for Your Marriage This Weekend


Have you been gearing up for the big day? Hopefully you didn’t forget what “big day” I’m talking about. If you forgot, let this be your reminder. Today is Valentine’s Day! It is the day you get the opportunity to do something special for your marriage, for your wife, for that one special person in your life.

Whether this post has you hustling to come up with some way to show your love to your spouse, or you have been planning for months, don’t make it only about today. Yes, use today as an “excuse” to do something different, something special. When you wake up tomorrow don’t go back to the regular run of the mill of your relationship. Keep loving, and keep getting better as a husband (or wife).  Do all you can to make your marriage better, make it last, and make it enjoyable.

Not the ideal time for a rough patch in our marriage

From time to time our relationships can get stale, and we can go through rough patches. To be completely transparent, this week has been one of the patches for me and my wife. Perfect timing huh? So, as the “big day” approaches, and we have something special planned we hit that nasty part in our relationship.

It is a harsh reminder of that fact that we must always be on guard, and always working to improve our marriages. That is one reason why I am a big advocate for marriage enrichment type activities, courses, books, and resources. I believe that if something isn’t getting better then it is probably getting worse. Rarely do we stay at one place. Those of us who no longer have that 18-25 year-old body and health can relate.

Time to something for your marriage

This weekend my friends and mentors, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, are offering their Marital Guides for a ridiculous discount! For those who aren’t familiar with the Tylers they are the founders of Tyler New Media, a film, web, and social media firm. They are most known for their award winning marriage and family site, BlackandMarriedWithKids.com.

Earlier this year they released a DVD and workbook course, New Year, New Marriage, which is blessing marriages of all types. To follow up they have created 8 new eBooks that are sure to help your marriage. This weekend, as a Valentine Day special, they are offering all 8 marriage eBooks for a total of $12.99!

Get 8 Marriage eBooks for Just $12.99!

I’ve talked about investing in your marriage before, and I believe doing so will give you some of your most rewarding returns. The eBooks cover marriage topics from intimacy, to finances, to communication, and even infidelity. I encourage you to take advantage.

Get a better return on your Valentine’s Day gift

More than likely you are going to spend $25 or more on flowers, cards, balloons, stuffed animals, and gifts like that. But in a few weeks, those gifts won’t do anything for your marriage. But an investment of half that will pay dividends in your marriage for a long time.

Click here to learn more about each eBook, and how it will bless your marriage. Also, keep in mind the marriages of your family and friends who could use some tools to help their marriage as well.

The eBooks are great investments for your relationship and great gifts to those you love and care about.

How do you plan on showing your love to your spouse this Valentine’s Day?

photo credit: Ryan Smith Photography via photopin cc

Feb 14, 2014