My Post is Featured on An Award Winning Family and Marriage Blog Today!


I have a post on one of the most popular Family and Marriage blogging sites on the web today – Black and Married With Kids.  My post talks about what I have witnessed and learned from my parents after 48 years of marriage!  Here is an excerpt:

It was a blessing to grow up under a marriage that would eventually last 48+ years.  As I thought about it, and was encouraged to share, I began to see some of the things that will help encourage me in my marriage, as well as other married couples.

Just like my marriage and yours, my parents’ marriage was not without challenges.  Over the years they experienced many challenges (besides raising kids like me that didn’t always listen, or do what they were supposed to do).  Through it all, there are many things in their marriage to be desired, and many things that younger couples can work toward.

This inspired my list of 7 Things I want in My Marriage That My Parents Have After 48 Years.

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Jul 24, 2012