5 Ways Women Are Tougher Than Men


Has your wife every told you to “MAN UP?”  Well, my wife basically told me that yesterday.  And then she looked at our daughter to cosign.   I didn’t say much.

Well, you see, I recently came into contact with some poison ivy.  And let’s just say I haven’t handled it too well.  So, do my wife and daughter have a point saying, women are tougher than men?

The cold test: Man cold vs. Woman cold

When my wife gets a cold, our household pretty much functions the same.  She still does more than everybody else around the house.  You can pretty much say I suck.  I need to pick up my domestic sexy even more during that time, but I am pretty bad at taking care of sick folk.

On the other hand, when I get sick, I almost single-handedly shut the house down.  A basic cold has me functioning at about 20%!  My wife knows when I get sick, it is about to get “real in the field.”  I admit she is way tougher than me in that area.

5 ways women are tougher than men

  1. They have stronger immune systems.  Estrogen, found in a woman’s body, suppresses an enzyme that interferes with the body’s defense system.  Hmm, so this may explain why I am a big baby when I get the smallest of colds.  My immune system is weak!
  2. They have the kryptonite to the male ego.  The fragile male ego.  A woman’s ego is not as fragile, therefore it will always beat the male ego.  I don’t know what it is, but another dude can do or say something and it has no impact on your self-esteem or ego.  But a woman can say just the right, or wrong, thing and you lose all your super strength!
  3. They carry little people in their bodies, and somehow get them out.  How that happens, I do not know.  I’ve watched, up close and personal, all three of my children being delivered.  And I do know, there is no way any man could do, nor handle that.  Tell a man, somebody is going to reach their hands inside a certain part of their body and pull something 20″ long and 8 lbs.  Curtains!  No, sir!
  4. They clip, pluck, shave hairs in places that have to be painful.  Eyebrows, legs, underarms, private areas.  Those are all places I do not want any razors, or pulling going on.  I imagine that as pulling a band aid off your forearm.  Not pleasant, but women do it regularly.  I’m sure a tear or two would form if men did that.
  5. They take EXTREMELY hot baths.  I’ve had to question our relationship a few times when jumping in the tub with water my wife has run, or when washing my hands in the same sink she just finished.  I guess women are probably cleaner than men too, because they literally burn the germs off their body.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Now I need you to weigh in.  Are women tougher than men?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and by answering the following questions.

Ladies:  What ways are women tougher than men?

Fellas:  What ways are men tougher than women?

photo credit: steve heath via photopin cc

Jun 28, 2013