“Champ or Chump? Fulfilling Your Role as a Godly Husband” from Marriage Works! – eBook Review


Marriage Works! founders Kevin & Cetelia Bullard have committed to making their marriage work and providing resources so other couples can make their marriage work.  After having seven wedding ceremonies between then their parents, and having multiple siblings from multiple marriages of their parents they developed a passion themselves to not go through that.

Staying connected to others growing their mariages

I was recently introduced to the work they are doing with Marriage Works! from the tweet of a friend.  I liked what I saw, and share some of their ideas and thoughts on what it takes to make marriage work.  The Bullards ran a Valentine’s Sale earlier this month offering $138 worth of marriage resources for $12!  Yes, $12!  I am all about growing my marriage, so I got them.  The first eBook I read was Champ or Chump? Fulfilling Your Role as a Godly Husband.

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Leaders (and husbands) must be readers

Two very important goals to me are living more in the way which pleases God, and doing my very best in the role of husband.  Those goals along with this eBook being a very quick read, based on page numbers, were the reasons I chose to read this eBook first.  I was not disappointed.  This book provided insight into our role as husband and provides solid info on how we can fulfill this role.

Husband is a man’s first and most important leadership role.  Leaders are readers, when you read you can better lead. [Tweet this]

Here are some insight’s that I pulled from the book:

  • Hebrew root of “husband” actually means champion.  So, all husbands are champions, but not all act like it.
  • God has called us “champs” to lead spiritually and love our wives, just like Christ did the church.
  • Husbands have a two-fold role to defeat rivals and fight on wife’s behalf [Tweet this]
  • As spiritual leader husbands must care for and feed his wife while joining with her in advancing their marriage
  • How a husband lead spiritually even when the wife is more spiritually mature
  • A husband cares for and feeds his wife by encouraging her growth
  • Although the husband is the leader, the marriage is a partnership not a master/slave relationship

These are some of the nuggets that are in the book.  As a husband who invests in my marriage I found this book to be a great read for all husbands.  Especially those who like a quick read, packed with good stuff.  Champ or Champ is exactly that.

Take a step to help you fulfill your role as husband

You can still get the book today along with about 20 other marriage resources from the Marriage Works!  Encore Valentine’s Sale.  The sale ends tonight at 11:59 PM (PST).  Click here to grab these great resources for this ridiculously great price.

Question:  What books intended to help grow your marriage have you read?  Please share in the comment section below.

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Feb 24, 2013