5 Ways to Become Invaluable


Do you consistently provide something of value to the people in your life?  When you are not around is there a void in the lives of others?  I asked myself these question after I read the “post” below from Michael Hyatt’s blog.

A post saying, “I’m taking the day off“, seems insignificant, but if you notice in the bottom right corner it generated 81 comments.  As a blogger this amazes me! Some bloggers never get 81 comments, on all their posts, let alone a single “post” with no content.  As I read through the comments I thought of the reasons why I read Micheal’s blog daily, I began to see why he received 81 comments.

Here are 5 ways you can become invaluable at home, at work, and/or in your community.


There are countless tools and resources that I have received from Michael’s blog.  He shares and gives many of them away for free, which keeps me looking for new posts, as well as going through his old posts. An added benefit to giving is when we give, we position ourselves to receive as well.  One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 11:25, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


I accepted a challenge this month to post 30 new blog posts in 30 days.  Watching other bloggers post daily, even weekly, and learning tips on how to do it encourages me in my challenge.  When we encourage others they value our time and words, and we become something desired in their life.


A lesson learned, but not shared, is almost a wasted lesson.  It is natural to want to share good experiences and the lessons we’ve learned with others.  As a parent I am always looking for learning opportunities as well as teaching opportunities with my kids.  When my kids have questions they know they can come to me and I’ll provide an answer, or help them to find the answer themselves.  This helps them to grow.


When you are intentional you have purpose, you consider what and why you do things.  There is a desired result(s) that you are striving for and it happens not by accident, but on purpose.  When you function this way it shows in what is produced in your life.  People who live with purpose are attractive and valuable to others because more often than not success follows.


One consistency in the the comments on Michael’s post was that many people have incorporated reading his daily posts in their routine.  When he posted that he wasn’t posting, their became a sort of void in their day.  Consistently doing something brings a level of expectancy, and when you consistently do the things listed above people need, want, and expect what you provide in their lives.  You become invaluable.

By incorporating the above 5 ways in your life you can become invaluable.  Now go out there and GET IT!!!

Question: Do you consistently provide something of value to the people in your life?  Please share an example in the comments below.

Apr 20, 2012