How To Be Successful


Beaten and molested as a child, suicidal, high school dropout to award winning actor, director, screen and playwright, producer, author, songwriter and Forbes 2011 “highest paid man in entertainment” (earning $130m in one year).  Tyler Perry has overcome challenges, which have destroyed many other people, to become one of the world’s great success stories.  He has succeeded in creating films, shows, and books that have touched many lives.  Watch the video below and learn, from Tyler Perry himself, how he did it.

I am learning the power of narrowing my focus to one thing, whether it be one single task, one single habit, or one single idea.  Many successful people have adopted this habit.  I strongly encourage you to test this out, and see if it brings better results in your life.

Question: What one idea can you focus on, sticking with until successful, that will have the greatest impact on your life?

May 8, 2012