3 Ways to Make Better Memories with Your Family


When I was a kid my dad used to take me and my brother to professional baseball games. We would take a summer trip to New York every year, and while we were there we’d try to catch a Mets game if the Cardinals (my favorite team) were in town.

Even after I graduated from college during the summer we would all get together — me, my dad, my brother, and my nephew — and make a trip to Cincinnati to watch a Reds game. In addition to spending days at the little league baseball park, those trips and experiences watching MLB games are still something I remember.

The next generation…more memories

Now that my boys are playing baseball, and can actually watch a baseball game (baseball games are pretty long) I’m looking forward to carrying on the same tradition and making more memories at the ballpark, and at other events.

Sometimes as parents it can be tough, almost a hassle, getting the kids and family together to do something. And for us, it seems the bigger the event the more difficult it can be, and sometimes the more drama involved.

But I’ve learned from what my parents did that all of the “hassle” is well worth it. As I’m still talking about it today. I encourage you to be intentional about creating memories like these with your kids too.

Creating great memories trumps all

Yes, it will come with challenges, but the rewards far outweigh them. Here are 3 ways to make better memories with your family while attending events.

  1. Set a budget. The worst thing you can do is max out your credit cards or break the bank trying to do something big with your family. Once you return home and look at the receipts, the bank balance, or the credit card statement comes then stress will too. Set a budget, go to events that fit within your budget, and enjoy stress-free fun that will make the memories even sweeter.
  2. Plan, but be flexible and patient. Once everything is all in place, you can just about expect something to get out of place. Or something unexpected to happen. My wife handles this much better than me. I’m the planner, think things through person, and I try to cover all bases. But sometimes it don’t happen the way I want it to happen. You may find if you plan for the unexpected, meaning expect anything, then you can handle it better when it happens. Thus ensuring more fun, and less drama. 🙂
  3. Be engaged, no in the cloud. I’ll take my fair share of pics to share on my blog, on social media, and with family and friends. But I’ve learned the more I’m concerned with capturing and sharing the perfect social media images and such, the less I am engaged with my family. I now try to capture images as we enjoy ourselves, but try to only post one during the moments. I used to spend all my time taking pics and videos, trying to share them right then and would end up with my face in my phone waiting on an Instagram video to download and wasting all my mobile data while my kids are waiting on me to engage. No more. Take pics, share one pic, and look at and share the rest later, after the event.

How to easily get discounted tickets

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What’s one of your favorite memories from an event with your family (from childhood or as a parent now)?

Aug 21, 2014