Great Sports Moments with Dad


My son and his Cardinals youth baseball team are playing in the final rounds of the tournament.  Our team is one of the last four teams remaining.  We were in a similar position last year, and we finished as champions.  That was one of my great sports moments as a dad, one of those moments we’ll never forget.

Some are better than others, but we remember them all

In one of my son’s games over the weekend we experienced a scary moment, as my son was hit in the head with the baseball.  Fortunately he was fine and able to come back and play the next game.

When I got home that evening I heard about a friend of mine whose son was hit with a baseball and the injury was more serious.  We are all praying he fully recovers.  Both are sports moments both families will probably never forget.

What will be the next great sports moment?

This is like championship week in sports.  There will be a NBA Champion crowned, a Stanley Cup champion, and an OYO Little League baseball champion crowned, hopefully us.  There is sure to be some great sports moments, some will even be with dad.

There have been some memorable and great sports moments with dad over the years in the professional ranks.  In my latest CoachUp blog post, in honor of Father’s Day, I compiled a list of some really good ones.  Some you may remember instantly.  Others you may have forgotten, but the memory will come right back to you.  There may even be a few you were not familiar with.

Either way, they are all memorable and great in their own way.  And they all involve a dad and their child.  Below is an excerpt of the post.

In honor of Father’s Day it is time to honor the sports dad.  Many times the first coach an athlete has is their father.  An athlete’s father can appreciate greater than anyone (except maybe mom) the sacrifice and journey it took to reach that pinnacle sports moment.


My dad was my first coach, and to this day he still says he was “the best coach you ever had.”  And I am not going to argue with him, at least not in this post.  Regardless, I can only imagine how it would feel to celebrate at the highest level in sports with my first coach, my dad.

Below are a list of 10 athletes who had the pleasure of doing so.  Here are 10 Memorable Father-Child Moments in Sports (in no particular order).

Click here to read the full post, and to join the conversation taking place on the CoachUp blog.

Question:  What great sports moment with dad would you add to the list?  Yours or one you have witnessed.  Please share in the comment section below.

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Jun 18, 2013