Your Kids Are Following You. Where Are You Leading Them?


Our kids can serve as our own personal mirrors.  Even when we do not expect it they are following us.  They look like us, talk like us, and do like us.  They are miniature versions of us.  Whether that is good or bad, you have a mini-me.

If your kids are following you, the big question becomes where are you leading them? [Tweet this]

A broken rule

My son reminded me of a rule I did not follow.  A rule that I created myself.  We were playing nerf basketball, and it was late.  He needed to get in the bed, and I needed to get some writing done.

As I thought of this, I threw up a couple of shots that really  had no chance of going in.  He kept giving me the ball back to shoot again, while I kept trying to pass it off to my youngest son so he could shoot, and I could steal away to my office.  Finally, I said I had to go, threw up my last shot, and headed to the office.

Several minutes later I hear him knocking on my office door.  When he comes in he says, “Do you remember the rule?  You didn’t make a shot.”  I’m thinking, “What is he talking about?”  He was pretty persistent and explained that I didn’t make my last shot, and I told him to always make his last shot.

Do what you say, because your kids will do what you do

He was reminding me of something I tell him when we play basketball at the gym.  I always say, “never leave the gym on a miss, do not leave until you make your last shot.”  And sometimes we will stay for an extended period of time until that happens.

He remembered that!  And earlier when he kept giving me the ball to shoot, he wanted me to not “leave on a miss.”   What he seen me do with him, he was now doing with me.

Our kids will do what they see us do, more than what they hear us say. [Tweet this]

As you can imagine, that was a real proud dad moment.  And you already know I went back out there and made my last shot!  It is a reminder that as parents there is always somebody who follows us.  Somebody who wants to be just like us, and do just what we do.  Make sure our actions are leading them in the right direction.

March DADness wisdom from John Wooden

John Wooden, the legendary UCLA coach, understood the fact that somebody is always watching.  Check out this post and YouTube video I shared in my latest CoachUp blog post.

Question: What is one of your most proud dad or mom moments?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: allenran 917 via photopin cc

Mar 21, 2013