Will You Help Me Finish My Book and Kick Off Our Web show?

You may have heard through the grapevine, or by listening to me on a podcast, or maybe you signed up to be one of the first people to be notified about it. But I’ve yet to share this exciting news as an “official” announcement on my blog.

Will You Help Me Finish My Book and Kick Off Our Web show? - 7 Rings of Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe

So, here it is…

Last month I signed my first book publishing agreement! Actually, I signed two!

I agreed to partner with LifeWay Christian Resources/B&H Publishing to publish my book, the 7 Rings of Marriage, and also to publish a marriage curriculum/Bible study for small groups and churches based on the 7 Rings.

I really didn’t expect this to happen…

This is MAJOR, and something I didn’t expect to happen so soon. My plans were to keep blogging, keep creating FREE ebooks, create some resources, and publish some Kindle books. My hopes were I’d help enough people through those resources that one day a publisher would notice and consider partnering with me to publish a traditional book.

Well that day is here! I’m currently finishing up the book’s manuscript and will be done by Valentine’s Day. In addition, our long-awaited 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show will launch in February.

The book will reveal the experiences and stages that couples go through on their way to lasting and fulfilling marriages. It’ll equip you to do the same, and help any couple who feels stuck, to get unstuck. The web show will bring you the stories and journey of couples who’ve experienced the 7 Rings.

Pulling back the curtain on our marriage.

I’ll be sharing what my wife, Stephana, and I have learned from some of the top marriage experts around, many who are guests on the web show, as well as what we’ve experienced in our very own marriage.

We’ll also share things we’ve never shared publicly in detail, like how our marriage has not only survived, but thrived through being homeless (twice!), through job loss and financial despair, loneliness, communication and intimacy issues, and just plain ignorance of what it takes to make a marriage work.

Would you be willing to help me finish the book?

However, before I send the manuscript off to LifeWay, and before we launch the web show, I want to make sure I have everything covered. This is where I need your help.

I want to make sure I answer the marriage questions that are most pressing to you. Below are three things which I need you to do. All three combined will take less than 3 minutes.

Here is what I need you to do

  1. Complete the 7 Rings survey. It’ll take one minute to answer this super-short survey–there’s one main thing I want to ask you in it.
  2. Subscribe to receive my 7 Rings emails. In my emails I’ll send you a 7 Rings download, you’ll get exclusive access to watch the 7 Rings web show, I’ll ask for your input on what topics to discuss with show guests, and share exclusive info and opportunities with you.
  3. Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can cut and paste the following on Facebook: “I can’t wait to check out the ‘7 Rings of Marriage’ book and web show from Jackie Bledsoe!” Or you can click below to tweet it.

Thanks for joining Stephana and I on this journey to lasting and fulfilling marriages!

Question: What would you say separates a good marriage from a bad marriage? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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24 thoughts on “Will You Help Me Finish My Book and Kick Off Our Web show?

      • Cool! Good on you guys, you are trailblazing for my wife and I big time! I let the cat out of the bag for you next week. Will also have some tweaks on my blog plus loads of slides to prepare and record too!

  1. What separates a good marriage from a bad marriage…that’s a great question. There are a lot of accurate answers to that question, but I would say the biggest difference is commitment to keeping your covenant when circumstances are at the worst. It’s not so difficult to stay in in a marriage when things are going the way you imagined, but when they are going in a complete opposite direction from what you ever envisioned is when your commitment is put to the test. Once you come through something together, your marriage is strengthened. Almost like the break down of muscle when exercising…that tearing of the muscle actually is necessary to grow the muscle fibers stronger than they were previously. In the same way our marriages with their hurts and disappointments can be some of the most useful tools in building a lasting and fulfilling lifelong covenant relationship.