Why I Am Taking The Ultimate Blog Challenge


It’s April and springtime is here!!!  Although it seems like we didn’t have a winter (at least here in Indiana), the warm weather of Spring is always welcome.  The season brings about rebirth, renewal, and regrowth to many things, both literally and figuratively.  So when I heard about the Ultimate Blog Challenge I was very intrigued.  After a month off from blogging what better way to renew and regrow my blog than to take on a blog challenge, and not just any old blog challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The Challenge

Through the month of April I will be posting 30 new blog posts on this site, I will tweet each post with the #blogboost hashtag, I will post a link to each blog post on the Ultimate Blog Facebook Group, and comment on the blogs of others who are taking the challenge.  No easy task, but I love a challenge so I am all in.

The Benefit

Just like everything else that I am involved with I believe there will be valuable lessons learned and benefits gained from this challenge.  Of course I will be sharing what I am learning with you.

Join Me

I also want to put out a challenge of my own.  Here is my challenge: over the next 30 days select one new habit that you can follow that will help you GET better; help you GIVE more of yourself, help you ENCOURAGE more people, or help you TEACH your life lessons to others.  In addition to the Ultimate Blog Challenge I will begin practicing some new habits, which I am VERY excited about, that I know help me GET better.  Check out my next post to learn more about my new habits.

Question: What challenge have you recently taken that has been valuable to you?

Apr 3, 2012