Whiteboard Wise Words – “It’s NOT about me”


As stated in a previous post, I write a short sentence or phrase on my whiteboard that I look at and focus on throughout the week.  Its purpose is to give me a simple and visible reminder that keeps me on track to becoming better as a person and/or to solve problems I am dealing with.  This week’s Whiteboard Wise Words

“It’s NOT about me…”

This week I am focusing on making sure I am just as concerned, if not more concerned, with others and their needs.  There are bigger problems and needs in the world than just mine, so I want to have a more self-less approach to all that I am doing and everyone I interact with.  Yes, my needs are important, yet I trust that when I give to and serve other people that what I need will not go unmet.

I challenge you to do the same…make it about your wife, your kids, your family, your co-workers, the person behind the Starbucks counter…just remember “it’s NOT about me“.

Feb 21, 2012