Whiteboard Quote of the Day: Make it Count!


I am one of the coaches for my son’s 6-year old little league baseball team.  It brings back a lot of memories from my days playing little league and high school baseball.  I am the “designated” coach-pitcher for our team so I see every swing that each player takes each game.  At that age attention span is not terribly long, and I have noticed in the later innings some of the kids don’t swing the bat the way they did early in the game.

When I played, I remember my coaches telling me to make each swing count, in practice and in games. They emphasized not wasting any cuts (swings) on any pitch.  What they were saying was, if you are going to swing the bat, then swing it with purpose.  If you are swinging the bat, then you are expecting to hit that ball, and when you hit the ball you want to hit it as best you can.  You want the ball to come off the bat fast and hard, and go as far as possible.

This applies to not just little league baseball players, but each of us as well.  When we do something, we need to make it count.  Spending time with your spouse?  Make it count.  Marketing your new product? Make it count.  Housework or Spring cleaning?  Make it count.  Studying or practicing?  Make it count. Completing your daily physical activity?  Make it count.  Playing with your kids?  Make it count. Whatever you do, make it count!

I encourage you this week to make everything you do count.  If you are going to do something, then you want to do it as best as you can!

Question:  What are you going to do today to make it count?

May 21, 2012