The Road to the Final Four is Full of Life Lessons


The NCAA Tournament Championship Final Four will be played this weekend.  Although it is almost over, March Madness has been great!  There have been some great moments. There have been some tough moments.  There have been some moments some of us wish we never experienced.

Through it all four teams have successfully navigated “The Road to the Final Four.”  Each taking a different path, with different experiences.  I am sure the players on all the final four teams have learned some valuable lessons on their journey.

Helping dads make their journey

March Madness, and The Road to the Final Four inspired a new series of blog posts for me.  March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood, was created to use the NCAA tournament as a way to connect with other dads who love basketball, sports, and their kids.  March DADness provides great ways to be better at one our most important jobs, being dad.

March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood - - Growing Family Leaders

Viewing March Madness from this perspective has been a great learning experience for me as well.  This week in my latest CoachUp blog post I shared some of the teachable moments from this year’s Final Four teams.  Below is an excerpt of the post.

No matter the result, when CBS plays “One Shining Moment” on Monday night, each player will have completed an awesome journey.  A journey filled with ups and downs.  A journey filled with sacrifice and hustle.  A journey filled with lessons they will use for the  rest of their lives.

The journey is just as important as the destination

Each team has had a unique journey, and there are lessons young athletes, coaches, and sports parents can learn from them.  Learning and applying these lessons in sports and in life will give athletes a leg up on the competition, and help them compete and live at their potential.  Below are 4 Lessons Learned from This Year’s NCAA Tournament Final Four Teams.

Click here to read the full post, and to join the conversation taking place on the CoachUp blog.

Question:  What lessons can you teach your kids from what you watched (or heard about) during the NCAA Tournament?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Texas.713 via photopin cc

Apr 4, 2013