The Power of Blogging


Blogging has become a very powerful platform today.  The blogosphere has grown tremendously over the past decade and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.  One of the reasons blogging is such a powerful platform is that anyone with a computer and internet access can become a blogger, thus anyone can have a world wide voice to express themselves and share their passions.

There are personal bloggers blogging about their hobbies and interests, political bloggers pushing their agendas, business bloggers marketing products and services, and nonprofits blogging about the causes they serve throughout the world.  The list goes on and on.

Today I came across a story that discussed the blog of the parents of a 6 month old that has been given a timetable of 18 more months to live.  Their blog has over 4,000 followers and has received 100,000 page views.  It is a touching story and great example of the power of blogging that I thought worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

Question: Are you a blogger?  What are you passionate about that you could share to provide value to others?

Apr 30, 2012