Quote: Courage Is Being Afraid But Going On Anyhow


Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to doing anything in life.  Fear can be one of your biggest barriers to success.  It can be the one thing that keeps you in an unsatisfying or unfulfilling life.

Nobody is immune to fear.  Everyone is afraid of something, be it physical, emotional, or mental. So, if everybody has some type of fear, what separates those who are able to make moves and continue toward their goals?

Being Afraid is Not The Problem

As stated above, everyone fears something.  That is common.  Yet there is something that enables some people to still move forward.

“Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.”

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Being afraid in itself is not the stumbling block.  Not facing that fear is.  The presence of courage enables you to face it and go on in spite of it’s existence.

Fear Can Be Good For You

Each time you face a fear you have the opportunity to grow in courage.  Each time you overcome a fear with courage you grow in confidence.  Think of it like fitness and exercise.

Each day you exercise you get more fit.  Each time you lift a weight you get stronger.  Each time you eat a healthy meal your body is more equipped for recovery.  Fear can be good.

More Fear Requires More Courage

If being afraid is good, does that mean the more you are frightened the better it is for you?

If you are faced with an ant-sized problem it only takes ant-sized courage to keep going forward.  Yet, if you are faced with a lion-sized problem it will take lion-sized courage to keep it moving.

The more you are frightened, the more courage required.  The more courage you have the better it is for your.

A Different Perspective on Being Afraid

With the knowledge of fear being good when courage is present, and being more frightened requiring and developing more courage in you, you should be very encouraged.  You should now have a different perspective when you find yourself afraid.

Knowing the fear can serve a great purpose in you, and help you grow is a great confidence builder and a great weapon to have in your arsenal when you face anything.

Recognize and Embrace Your Fears

As you recognize when you are frightened and why, you can then begin to attack those fears.  You will have the advantage because you will recognize that anxiousness for what it is, False Evidence Appearing Real, and courageously move forward.

Now, I am not saying do anything reckless like jump into a tiger pit (someone recently did this), but the fear of failure, loss, embarrassment, admitting a mistake, entrepreneurship, public speaking, writing, or whatever it is for you, can be overcome with courage.

I encourage you today to be afraid, but keep courageously moving forward!

Question:  When have you been frightened, but moved forward anyhow?  Please share in the comment section below.

Oct 1, 2012