Only in Indiana…Creative Uses of Time, Talent, and Treasure for Good


I was born, raised, and currently reside in Indiana, so this next statement may be a bit biased, but it is true.  Indiana people and organizations come up with some of the most creative, savvy, and just plain interesting ways to support the causes they are passionate about. I guess when you are from Indiana you find creative ways to put your time, talent, and treasure to use for good.  (see how I’ll be creatively using my time, talent, and treasure here)

Don’t take my word for it.  Check out the following 5 causes and the cool fundraising platforms they are utilizing.  All have Indiana connections, yet they are helping people from Africa, to Chicago, to Indiana and cities across the United States.  They are supporting causes fighting AIDS, violence, hunger, bullying, and child homelessness.

Project Hood

Although Pastor Corey Brooks resides in Chicago and his Project Hood organization is based in Chicago he was raised and has been the Pastor of churches in Indiana.  This past winter he spent 94 days living on a rooftop in Chicago protesting violence.  What is he doing to top that?  He is going from the roof to the road, in his Walk Across America to End Violence.  He is walking from New York to California over the next 4 months.

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Skate Across Indiana

Steve Hill is hoping on his skateboard and riding across Indiana in support of the work Christian World Outreach is doing in Zambia and Zimbabwe to fight AIDS.  Over the course of 2 days (actually starts tomorrow) he will start at the Illinois/Indiana border and skateboard to the Indian/Ohio border.  His ride will end in Richmond, IN (which just happens to be the city I was born and raised in).

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School on Wheels Indiana

School on Wheels Indiana provides one-on-one tutoring and educational help for children impacted by homelessness.  Along with the following two organizations they are participating in the upcoming Twive and Receive competition.  (pronounced Give and Receive).  This competition encourages communities to come together in support of one nonprofit in their local area in an online event to see who can raise the most funds in 24-hours (donations for this must be made June 14th).  The top three nonprofits split $30,000 in prizes on top of what they raise.  School on Wheels Indiana is representing Indianapolis, IN.

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Meals on Wheels Hancock County

Most people are familiar with Meals on Wheels.  They deliver meals according to dietary needs to those who may be unable to prepare their own.  Typically this is for the elderly.  As mentioned above Meals on Wheels Hancock County will be in the Twive and Receive online competition on June 14th.  Meals on Wheels Hancock County is representing Greenfield, IN.

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Angels and Doves

Angels and Doves is the third Indiana-based nonprofit competing June 14th in the Twive and Receive competition.  They work with students, teachers, and parents to fight bullying.  Bullying apparently been happening for years, but until recently it was acknowledged or discussed as seriously as it is now.  One way in which Angels and Doves is fighting it is through education.  Angels and Doves will be representing Plainfield, IN.

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Question: I know Indiana people are not the only ones finding creative uses of their time, talent, and treasure for good.  Who do you know that is doing so?  Please share in the comment section below.

Jun 7, 2012