One Way to Make This Your Marriage’s Best Year Ever


“Make this your best year ever” is a phrase you hear a lot at the end of December and throughout January. The beginning of the year is full of hope, optimism, and excitement for all areas of your life. It’s fun to envision having a better marriage, better finances, better career, and just better life overall.

I usually don’t go all “this is going to be my best year ever!” But this year is different, I really believe this is going to be my best year ever, or at a minimum one of my best year’s ever!

Putting in the work

One thing that gets lost in the best year ever excitement is what comes with making it your best year ever, which is the work, the sacrifice, and the ups and downs. Although my year is set up to be my best ever, it is also set up to require a lot of me. A lot of time, a lot of work, a lot of resources, and a lot of learning and growing. But that is what excites me!

My wife will be more active online with her own site, as well as a video series we’ll be starting soon. We were recently interviewed for the first time, as a couple, to discuss our marriage as it relates to The 7 Rings of Marriage™. You can check out the podcast interview here. In the interview we were called “marriage experts.” Seeing the word expert next to my name or anything I’m doing always has a weird, but good feeling.

Living up to what we are called to

Seeing the word expert next to my name also means there are certain expectations people have when they read my work, or listen to my advice. Therefore, I want to become as close to fulfilling the “expert” role as I possibly can.

One way I plan to that this year, is to study the topics, like marriage and parenting, which I write and speak about as much as I can. I’m reading books, listening to other experts, joining small groups, learning from mentors, and taking part in seminars, conferences, and online learning opportunities.

Learning and growing will happen

Speaking of these types of opportunities, I just got wind of a great opportunity to build stronger marital and family relations. Some friends of mine, who I would consider “marriage experts,” are hosting an online marriage conference this weekend to help your in-law relationships, called God’s Plan for Building a Successful In-law Relationship. Kevin and Cetelia Bullard have been doing great work to help marriages with their site, Marriage Works!, and I know the conference won’t be any different.

If you’re interested in learning more about the conference, and strengthening the relationships you and your spouse have with your in-laws, then click this link or the image below for more info. Whether your in-law relationships are terrible, okay, or the bee’s knees, I think it’ll be helpful.

Marriage Works! God's Plan for Building a Successful In-Law Relationship

Let’s do it together

Since I’m in the “best year ever” mode I’m going to be checking out as many conferences and seminars like this as possible. I know making this year my best year ever will only be a “pipe dream” if I don’t follow through with practical actions to make it happen. Will you join me? Let’s make this our best year ever together!

P.S. Kevin and Cecelia have allowed me to give my readers special early bird pricing to attend the conference. You can save almost 40% off the regular registration fee if you register today, January 27th by 11PM (ET). And if you enter promo code “JBJr” you’ll also save an additional 15%.

If you hope to have your best year ever, what actions will you take? For your marriage, for your kids, for your ministry or career?

photo credit: jnd_photography via photopin cc

Jan 27, 2014