October is National Anti-Bully Month. Time to Stand Up and Time To Ride!

October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  An article in the Huffington Post states one incident of bullying happens every seven minutes. Wow!  By the time you read this post and watch the YouTube video below someone will have to deal with bullying.

October is National Anti-Bully Awareness Month

Needless to say, this has become a major problem that needs our attention.  Bullying can end with serious consequences, even suicide.  And it is not limited to a particular age.

Time for action against bullying

Hopefully throughout Anti-Bully Month many people will become aware, and do something about it.  A few individuals and companies have already started to take action in some awesome ways.

People doing something about bullying

Lamar Tyler, of BlackandMarriedWithKids.com has directed and produced a music video to bring attention to the bullying problem we face today.  Kim Harvey, of Angels and Doves, has written a book, created a national movement, and organized an event (see below) to educate and equip children, parents, and educators to save lives from bullying.

Ways to bring awareness

Both are doing excellent work to support anti-bullying.  Watch the video below, Mike Bully (Stand Up For Our Future), and please share with your friends.  If you are in the Midwest, come and ride with other anti-bully supporters at tomorrow’s Angel Ride Music Festival & Charity Ride.


October is National Anti-Bully Month - Join the Angels and Doves Angel Ride

Question: What will you be doing to spread awareness and fight bullying during October’s National Anti-Bully Month?  Please share in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “October is National Anti-Bully Month. Time to Stand Up and Time To Ride!

  1. when I taught 8th graders at a school outside of Washington, DC, I taught them how to write persuasive essays and bullying was the topic. I was surprised when some students didn’t think certain things qualified as bullying. After watching several videos on kids who committed suicide or seriously injured someone, they realized what starts out as a sarcastic remark could snowball to something much more serious. I was so proud of their final papers, but more proud of the fact that they passed on the information to their peers and spoke out when people got picked on.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word Jackie… we are covering the topic of Bullying on our site as well! And we are talking with our kids about bullying.

    • My pleasure Ronnie! I was just saying to myself, “this is a good time to discuss with our kids.” Thanks for commenting and for creating the platform to address issues like this.