Must Read Posts From This Week – Sept 22-29, 2012


It can be tough to keep up with all the interesting blog posts and articles that are posted every week.  Well you are in luck — I have taken care of that for you, by creating a roundup of some of the best, most inspiring, and encouraging blog posts I came across this week.

This week I have read posts that will encourage you to GET Active, show you the connection between sports and running a business, and an inspiring success story through over 100 rejections.  Check them out, like them, and share them if you get something, if you are encouraged, or if you learn something new.

My Fab Five Must Read Posts From This Week

  1. 100 People Said No, Answered Prayers, and the Future of HopeMob@ShaunKing
  2. No Matter What@BlackGirlsRun
  3. Be Aware! Don’t Be Deceived By Calling Your Debt Good@CraigEFord
  4. What Sports Can Teach You About Running A Business@YETwitter (guest post by @BrandonSteiner)
  5. When You’re Struggling With Information Overload@RonEdmondson

Question:  What articles or posts did you read this week that are worthy of sharing? Bloggers, do you have a popular post from you blog this week?  Please share in the comment section below.

Sep 29, 2012