Running the Right Race in Life


The Paralympic Track and Field trials for the 2012 London Games is taking place this week in my city (Indianapolis).  There have been many feature articles in the local paper, The Indy Star.  One particular feature caught my eye.

It is the story of a paralympion, Jarryd Wallace, and his story of faith.  He is competing this week at IUPUI (view the video here), which is located six blocks from the hospital where his leg was amputated just two years ago.

Jarryd’s Facebook bio says “I run for the U.S. Paralympic Track Team, but my passion is to run for the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Awesome testimony and story of how he is using a life-changing “misfortune” to bless and encourage others.  You can learn more about his journey here at A Leg in Faith.

Jarryd’s story is encouraging and shows how no matter what circumstances come at us in life, they can be used for something good.

Questions: Have you experienced something in life that may have seemed negative, but was used for something positive?  Please share in the comment section below.




Jun 30, 2012