How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?


You spend more time with your spouse than anybody else.  So you should know him/her inside and out.  If you were on the newlywed game you would win, every time!

After playing and witnessing my share of at-home newlywed games, I know it is not that easy.  The newlywed game brings plenty of fun and laughter.  But it is a humbling reality check of how well you know your spouse.

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How can you get to REALLY know your spouse?

The title to this post is “10 Ways to Really Know Spouse…and Then Some!

This post is another from my marriage series posts.  I partnered with another blogger, who wrote from the female perspective, while I wrote from the male perspective.  Below is an excerpt:

A stranger in my house?

My wife is not a complete stranger, but sometimes I realize how little I know about her (the more you learn the more you realize how much you didn’t know huh?).  I would love to be able to complete her sentences (although she may not like it…wait, she probably says I already do!).  I would love to be able to know really what she wants and expects of me, and not be dumbfounded.  Is that even possible husbands? :-|

What can I do?

This led me to think of ways to get to really know my wife.  What could I do, what can you do that will help us to really know our spouses?

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Question:  What have you learned about your spouse lately?  Please share in the comment section below.

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May 3, 2013