How to Be a Dad…According to 7 Year-olds

When our daughter was born, over 12 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing as a dad.  As she nears her 13th birthday this summer…I still have no idea what I am doing.  🙂

How to Be a Dad...According to 7 Year-olds - - Growing Family Leaders

Being a dad is the ultimate example of on the job training.  There are no “dad degrees.”  You learn how to be a dad, once you become a dad.  You write the book as you go.  The question is…is your “How to be a dad” book worth reading?

Let the kids tell you

Today, while reading one of my favorite sites, All Pro Dad, I came across the video below.  In the video 2nd graders share their insight on “how to be a dad.”  Enjoy it with your kids.  And let them tell you “how to be a dad.”

From the mouths of babes

A few quotes on how to be a dad from the video:

  • “he has a hairy chest”
  • “a lipstick less mouth”
  • “ummmmm….ummmm”
  • “he should never kill his baby”
  • “we teach our dad things, and our dads teach us things…it is awesome”

Question:  What do your kids say makes a good dad?  Please ask them and share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Fabiana Zonca via photopin cc

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5 thoughts on “How to Be a Dad…According to 7 Year-olds

  1. Your 7 year old son said “Ummm a dad should be able to teach sports.” Your 12 year old daughter says “He should be fun and able to do lots of things…like not have to work ALL of the time…like work, but just not ALL of the time.” 7 year old adds “He should tickle toes and stuff.”