How Can A Marriage Be “Still Standing” Through Infidelity, Illness, Money Problems?


Marriage and family are very important to me, and much of my writing centers around that.  If you have been reading my blog for the past month, you may have read that I joined the writing team of an award winning marriage and family blog, (BMWK).

BMWK is a niche site centered around black (African-American) marriage and family life, discussing universal marriage topics, applying to all marriages.  I am a huge fan of the content produced (not just mine), and the positive image of marriage and family that it represents for all marriages.

The Healthy Marriage and Family Online Movement

The Atlanta husband/wife team, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, who created the BMWK platform have not only built an online movement promoting healthy marriages and families, but they are amazing film producers as well.  Their fourth film, Still Standing, was recently released, and is sure to be an award winner like the previous three.

In a recent post on my site, from my blog series on marriage, I discussed the biggest obstacles in marriage, including my marriage’s biggest obstacles.  One of the reasons I shared, and the reason I share some of my personal life on my blog, is because there may be other people, other couples, or other families that are facing similar obstacles.

Still Standing Through Marriage Problems

What I learn through my challenges and opportunities may help someone else cope, or be comforted during theirs.  I have learned so much from other people sharing their stories with me.  I look to do the same.

Still Standing is a wonderful example of that.  A diverse group of couples provide transparent, insightful conversation about what it takes to have lasting power in current day marriages.  These couples have gone through infidelity, chronic illness, financial crisis, blended families and more.  In the film the couples share WHY and HOW their marriages are STILL STANDING through it all.

Exclusive and First Access

One of the perks to being part of the BMWK team is I get first knowledge of, and access to many great events, products, and information.  Some of which I am able to share with you, my readers.  Today, I am sharing a great opportunity to see an exclusive screening of Still Standing for $5!  It is a one-time and one-show event in Atlanta, on September 13th.  The last screening sold out, and they added a second show, this time that will not be available.

If you are in Atlanta, or have family/friends in Atlanta then you may want to move fast as tickets may sell out.  I encourage you to get your tickets now.  If you are not in Atlanta, you can order the DVD of the film here.  As married couples we are always looking for great date night opportunities, and great events to strengthen our marriages.  Still Standing is both!

Not only will it be a great date night, but it will be great for churches, marriage ministries, and singles ministries to see as a group.  It will provide a great fellowship opportunity and experience. Reserve your tickets today!

Question:  Has the story of someone else’s trials and triumphs in marriage impacted your marriage, or vice versa?  Please share in the comment section below.

Aug 28, 2012