How A Basketball Head Preps His Family for March Madness


March Madness is one of my favorite times of year.  It just might be the best month for a basketball fan period!  I consider myself a “basketball head.”  I’ve had a ball in my hand since before I could walk, and still play today.  But basketball is a family affair, so I enjoy it most when my family is involved.

Bledsoe boys and basketball

In addition to being a basketball head, I consider my family a “basketball family.”  This goes back to my grandfather, who was one of the first African-American players to play in the Indiana High School Basketball State Finals, finishing runner-up in 1929.

Since then my older brother’s high school team repeated that feat with a runner-up finish in 1987.  Five years later my team played and won the Indiana High School Championship.  My brother went on to coach 10 years at the collegiate level, and I played four years at the collegiate level.

Continuing the tradition

I say all that to say basketball runs deep in our family.  Which is why when March Madness comes around I get real excited, and look forward to it each year as my kids begin to grow more excited.

Of course we’ll catch as many games as we can on television, and we’ll see some great moments while watching.  But the best moments are the times we spend together: talking, cheering for a team, and practicing the moves and plays we saw.

To make the experience even better, I came up with a list of ways we can enjoy it as a family.  I shared these ways in my latest CoachUp blog post.  Below is an excerpt of the post.

My kids are following the path I took and really love playing sports.  More recently they are even getting into watching games on TV.  I am really looking forward to enjoying this year’s March Madness with them, as I did with my dad and older brother growing up.

As a dad who is constantly on the lookout for new ways to make the most of the time with my family, I thought it would be good to come up with ways to make this March Madness a fun family affair.  Activities that will teach my kids lessons from sports, during an exiting and memorable time of year.  I encourage you to try some with your family.  Below are 5 Ways to Enjoy March Madness with Your Family.

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Question:  How will you enjoy this year’s March Madness with your family?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Paulgi via photopin cc

Mar 7, 2013