Can You Lead Your Kid To Love Something?


Our kids will experience many things while we raise them.  Some of these things they will grow to love.  Sometimes they grow to love activities and sports, art, music, places they go, and eventually another person.

As parents, we hope they choose things (and people) that are worthwhile, and if we could choose for them I’m sure most of us would love to!  With that thought in mind is it possible to lead them, teach them, or even coach them to love a particular person or thing?  I tackle that question today, on my latest CoachUp blog post.  Below is an excerpt of the post:

The “Love of the Game” is a phrase you have probably heard many times if you follow sports.  Typically when an athlete reaches a very high level in their sport they speak of how they have this love of their sport, that helps to drive them, makes them want to play it more, and ultimately helps them become great.

As a former athlete who does have the love of the game, and as my kids youth sports coach I have begun to notice it in my kids as well as some of their teammates and opponents.  Where does this come from?  Can this “love of the game” actually be coached, taught, or instilled in your children?  I am not so sure of that, but I am sure that you can influence this love….

Three things come to mind when I think about loving something.  The three of them combined can influence any child to develop a “love of the game.”

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Question:  Have you ever attempted to lead or influence your children to love something or someone in particular?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: phenLee via photopin cc

Jan 24, 2013