Double Date with Me and My Wife For #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party


If I wasn’t officially considered a real blogger, I am now!  I have been invited to my first ‘official’ Twitter Viewing Party.  This Wednesday (tomorrow night) the party and season premiere of The Soul Man, kicks off.

The Soul Man is a sitcom starring an original King of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer, as well as Niecy Nash.  Season 2 begins Wednesday at 11pm EST, and will air each Wednesday on TV Land.  I’ll be joining some of my online friends before and during the show in a Twitter Viewing Party.

Social media takes TV viewing (and partying) online

The Twitter Viewing Party is an online event that anyone with a Twitter account can join.  The party kicks off at 10:30p EST, and will end when the premiere episode ends at 11:30pm EST.  I plan to make it ‘an after the kids go to bed date night’ with my wife.  I’ve asked her to sit with me, tweet with me, and laugh right along with everyone else joining the party.

I’ve never joined an ‘official’ Twitter Viewing Party, but I always have a pretty good time live Tweeting and Facebook posting my thoughts during a basketball game.  I’ve heard Twitter Viewing parties are a pretty fun experience.  If they are like my basketball game unofficial online parties, I can believe it!

Why I am looking forward to it

Now, if you know me, or you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know I am not a big TV watcher.  Other than sports, my TV watching revolves around Family Movie Night, and TV Date Night with my wife.  TV Date Night is where I silently watch (because my wife forbids me to talk) my wife’s shows like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, or Private Practice.

If you’ve ever watched any of them, you know you are lucky to catch a committed married couple, or no family drama on any of those shows.  But after my conversation with Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash about The Soul Man, it sounds like a breath of fresh air in regard to a positive, loving couple.  I am not sure if they are Cosby like, but they sure aren’t Scandalous!

Maybe we’ll see Cedric get ‘domestic sexy’

I am also secretly hoping Cedric or Niecy use a phrase I introduced them to during our conversation.  The phrase, ‘domestic sexy.’  I guess I am not secretly hoping anymore, since I put it out here in the blogosphere!  🙂

Anyway, it sounds like a fun, and different, kind of date night.  I’m hoping you join me, and invite other couples.

#DoubleDate with me & @StephanaBledsoe in #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party on Wed 6/19 10:30-11:30PM EST! [Click to Tweet]

How to join The Soul Man Twitter Viewing Party:

  1. You’ll need to have a Twitter account.  If you don’t have one, go to and sign up for a FREE account.
  2. Follow our Twitter accounts (@jbledsoejr & @stephanabledsoe) for more info, and to hear more of my thoughts on the show and everything else!
  3. Follow along during the viewing party via Tweet Chat:

Join me for #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party on Wed 6/19 10:30-11:30PM EST! [Click to Tweet]

Party details:

This is part of a compensated campaign with TV Land. All opinions are my own. 

Question:  Have you ever joined a Twitter Viewing Party?  Will you double date with me and Stephana for The Soul Man party?

Jun 18, 2013