Can You Imagine 49 Years of Marriage?


Today my parents are celebrating 49 years of marriage!  Happy Anniversary to them!  That is amazing and almost hard to imagine being married that long.  It makes me think.  What will marriage be like when we celebrate our 49th anniversary?

My guess is a marriage of 49 years, may not look too different than a marriage of 12 years.

What did you look like as a kid?

I look at pictures of myself when I was a child, and I don’t look much different.  Yes, I have aged.  Yes, I have some gray hairs (a little mad about that).  Yes, I don’t see as well.  But overall, if you look at old pictures of me you will have know doubt it is me.

So, relating that to marriage.  Your marriage at 49 years will more than likely look a lot like your marriage today.  If you are frequently enjoying date nights or time alone with your spouse, then you will probably be doing the same thing in your 49th year.  If you are opening car doors, holding umbrellas, and being chivalrous, then you’ll probably be doing the same then.

For some anniversary fun jump over to my Facebook Page here.  I have posted a picture of my parents in the 70s, and a picture of my wife and I dressed in 70s like hair and clothes.  Place your vote for who has the most “swag.”  Some serious bragging rights are on the line!

Do it now, and it will be easier later

Fellas, if you are loving your wife like Christ loved the church, then you will be doing it then.  Ladies, if you are respecting your husband now, you won’t have a problem doing it when you reach 49 years of marriage.

This realization may be alarming for some.  While some of you may be really excited thinking of it.  I feel both.  There are some things in our marriage that I love and can’t wait to experience many more years of.  Then there are some things that scare me to think of happening for another 37+ years!

The good part is, if you are reading this post, you are now aware.  You can do something about it.  You can keep enjoying the good, and working on the bad.

What do you want your marriage to be like?

To help you see where you are going here is a quick exercise for you.  Answer the following questions with your spouse.

  1. What qualities attracted you most when you first met?
  2. How have your differences been used to help you both grow? Both as a couple and individually?
  3. What attracts you most today?
  4. What frustrates you the most today?
  5. Husbands: How can you best love and lead your wife?
  6. Wives: How can you best respect and support your husband?
  7. Is there anything more important than meeting your spouse’s needs?  If so, are you willing to put your spouse as your top priority (second only to God)?

Hopefully you do this exercise and healthy conversation comes as a result.  As well as an awareness of where you are today, and what you can do to make 49 years of marriage look exciting, not scary.

Question:  Are you satisfied with the state of your marriage today?  What can you do to improve your marriage?

photo credit: gomattolson via photopin cc

Jul 18, 2013