Are You Messing Up In Trying to Be the Man Your Family Needs?


While I’m not a big TV watcher, I’ve recently gotten into a show on Netflix that I now watch somewhat regularly. I have to admit, some weekends I even binge watch. I’m way late to the party on it, but Breaking Bad is “my show” on Netflix.

As someone who is very passionate about my family, who tries to put my family first, and works to the best of my ability to provide for them, Breaking Bad hits me right there.

The choices we make when providing for our family

If you aren’t familiar with the show, I won’t provide any spoilers, but it centers around a 50-something-year-old guy, Walter White, whose wife is pregnant, and they have a teenage son with a disability.

Professionally Walter is an overqualified yet underpaid high school science teacher. To make life even more challenging, he was recently diagnosed with cancer and expected to live maybe another 18-months.

This is where it gets interesting. He can’t imagine leaving his family in the financial position they’re in, so he decides he needs to make money, a lot of money, and fast.

His solution? Start a business using his professional skill set, science,  cooking and selling meth (illegal drug for those who don’t know).

His business partner? A former student who flunked his science class, who is part “junky”, and part small time meth dealer.

I’m not too different from Walter White

So, his desire to provide for his family leads him to a choice that is actually tearing his family a part. I can relate!

Not because I secretly cook and deal meth, or any other illegal substance, but because sometimes my desire to be there for my family, doesn’t always work out the way I hoped.

This is where trying to be the man your family needs gets hard, and sometimes hurtful. You do things with great intentions for your family, but your family may not benefit, nor recognize your efforts.

In Breaking Bad there is major secrecy, which I don’t condone nor advise, but even without the secrecy, sometimes the results aren’t always great.

You may not be very different from Walter White

I’m certain a lot of men can relate to Walter White’s scenario. You may be working a job that doesn’t provide for your family.

You may have failed in some way, which has put your family in a bad situation. You may have a health condition which impacts your ability to be there for your family.

Or you may have made a dumb choice, which you know if found out will destroy your family. Sometimes it doesn’t even take bad choices or bad results. It may just be a feeling of not being appreciated that is your problem.

The best thing to do is “man up.” Own up to your situation, reevaluate your choices, but never keep your family in the dark about what you’ve done or how you’re feeling.

Continue to work to the best of your ability to improve your family situation. I don’t know yet how Walter White’s choice will end for his family, but I do know it’s entertaining drama to watch. Don’t let your life be entertaining drama to watch.

Has something you’ve done to help your family, ended up actually hurting you or your family? Please share in the comment section below.

Jun 29, 2014