Why Your Family Should Watch TV Like Your Parents Used To (Plus FREE DVD/Blu-Ray)

Back in the day, most families had one TV set, and they all gathered in front of it to watch their favorite shows. Today, families not only have multiple TVs, but many other screens they can all watch, alone. TV watching used to bring families together, now it seems to be divisive.

Why Your Family Should Watch TV Like Your Parents Used To | JackieBledsoe.com - Lead and Love The Ones Who Matter Most

Too many options (TVs) too little family time

Our family is probably the odd ball when it comes to TV sets. We have one TV, in our living room, and we are a family of five. We have family members on the other hand who have fewer people living in the house and four to five times a many TVs as we have. I’m not saying we are right and they are wrong, but typically when the TV is on in our house, at least two to three of us if not all five of us are together watching it.

And I’m not a big fan of TV watching period. A lot of the shows that come on cable and even regular TV today aren’t really family appropriate. That even applies to the so-called channels intended for kids. So, I prefer to limit TV time, or when we do watch it, make it a time for us to come together, versus go in our separate rooms to watch it.

Family Movie Night = a great way to get quality time together and TV

That is one reason why we started Family Movie Night in our house, and have done our best to do it consistently. First, we get to spend time together, and we get to choose the content we watch. Typically it is a family friendly movie that we all can enjoy, from our 4-year-old to our almost 40-year-old (me).

This Saturday we were able to watch The Nut Job, which was a movie we missed out on when it was in theaters. The Nut Job DVD/Blu-Ray will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15th. We all enjoyed the movie, and recommend it for your Family Movie Night as well.

The Nut Job DVD/Blu-Ray combo prize pack from JackieBledsoe.com

Enter to win your FREE DVD/Blu-Ray copy of The Nut Job

I’ve been given a few prize packs to giveaway to my readers through one of my partners. The prize pack includes the Blue-Ray + DVD + Digital HD copies of the movie as well as some sticker sheets for your kids, and Easter themed items.

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What is your favorite family movie of all-time? Please share in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Why Your Family Should Watch TV Like Your Parents Used To (Plus FREE DVD/Blu-Ray)

  1. Love family movie night. I can’t say we have made it a regular thing yet…but I see that coming. We have one TV plus a projector. I hook the projector up for family movie night. Makes it even that much more special. We can all recline comfortably and watch the movie on a screen about 10 foot wide…much better than the 19 inch big box