A Reason to Monitor Your Kids Social Media Use And Promote National Anti-Bully Month


October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  Unfortunately, it was too late for one teenager who could no longer cope.  I had an article run on BMWK earlier this week chronicling the story of Amanda Todd’s bullying experience.  A bullying experience which resulted in her death, by suicide.

As the parent of a 12-year old daughter this hits me on so many levels.  The importance of communication with your children.  The dangers of unsupervised social media use.  The major problem bullying has become recently.  All of which need to be addressed.

My fellow blogger, Sandi Tuttle, has partnered with Kim Harvey, of Angels and Doves, an organization which is creating a national anti-bully movement.  Together, via Sandi’s blog, they are giving away an anti-bully checklist.  The checklist is a GREAT guide for parents, your children, and the educators at your children’s schools.  Click here to download it FREE, and share it with other parents and educators.

Do Not Ignore This Bullying Problem

When you read or watch stories like Amanda’s you realize this is not the time to stand on the sidelines and do nothing.  Whether you have children or not, your will you be touch by stories like these.

My hope in posting this is that you will share the posts, be more aware, and do something, anything that will help this not to happen to more children.

Click the following link to read the full article and watch the video: Chilling VIDEO: Tell Your Kids, Once It’s Out There They Can’t Take It Back.

Social Media…Great Way to Spread a Message…Good or Bad

Many times, bullying and social media go together.  Just as important as it is to be aware of bullying, parents must also be aware and educated on proper social media use.  Below are a few of my other anti-bullying posts, as well as some of my posts discussing the use of social media within a family.  Please read them, and share with others:

Question:  Have you or anyone you know had a bullying experience, or a bad experience from social media use?  Please share in the comment section below.

Oct 20, 2012