A Declaration: I am a…..


I just finished reading a great book by Jeff Goins, and joined him on a 15-day Writing Challenge (side note: this happens to be the 2nd writing Challenge I am participating in this month).  Jeff’s Challenge is designed to help writers, like myself, master the craft of writing.  Each day, for 3 weeks, Jeff will share one of the habits of great writers.

I am a writer.

The first habit, and part of the topic of his book, is to declare you are a writer.  So my task was to declare that I am a writer, not just to myself, but to someone or someones.  I did this by adding “Writer” to all of my social media profiles, the About page on my site here, and posting this blog.  This declaration wasn’t as easy I expected.

Well maybe I’m not…

Although I blog, do freelance writing work, and have book ideas that I am working on, it was well…a challenge.  I had a little self-doubt and second guessing.  After all I have never written, let alone sold a book.  I didn’t go to school for writing, and most of my family and friends would laugh at the thought of me being a writer.

This is about you too!

All of these thoughts led me to slowly realize that this declaration doesn’t only apply to writers.   There are many people who need to make a declaration.  You included.  This declaration is intended to set you free from anything that is keeping you from doing what you love, what you are passionate about, or what you are called to do.

What are you?

So what is it for you?  Are you an artist?  Are you an entrepreneur?  Are you a pastor?  What is it??? There may be someone who is reluctant to accept their new role in life.  A husband whose friends are all single, but it’s not just about him anymore.   Someone with an addiction, who is now clean.  Or maybe you know what you are, but need to add an adjective to foster the belief that you are good at it.  A loving husband.  A successful entrepreneur.  A gifted artist.  An anointed pastor.

Whatever it is, you need to make that declaration today.  Right now.  Pause your reading, and finish this sentence:

I am a ____________________.

Now, that you’ve done that, believe it and start acting like it!  Practice this daily until you believe it 110%. To paraphrase a quote from Jeff’s book, “Forget what everyone else says.  You are what you say you are!”  So today, decide and declare who, and what, you are.

Question:  You should expect this question.  What did you declare?


Jun 6, 2012