5 Reasons Families Get Revved Up for This Indianapolis May Tradition


The month of May brings about a certain amount of excitement and anticipation when you live in Indianapolis.  The excitement begins before the month of May, and continues to rev up throughout May, and finally reaches a fever pitch when the big day arrives.  Sponsors begin to line up, teams begin practicing, trial runs are conducted, contests and workshops prepare us all for the big day.  It is an annual family tradition for some.

Indy’s Big Day in May

By now you have probably guessed what I am talking…yes, you are correct…Lemonade Day Indianapolis will soon be here!!!  What??  What else is going on in May in Indianapolis?? 🙂  (Indy 500 race fans stay with me for a minute)

Okay, yes the Indy 500 happens during the month of May, however one of my families favorite May events is Indianapolis’ annual Lemonade Day event.  What is Lemonade Day?

Lemonade Day Indianapolis is an Indy metro area event where kids of all ages have the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship (and philanthropy) by starting, owning, and operating their own lemonade stand!  About 15,000 are registered for this year’s Lemonade Day taking place this Saturday, May 19th!

A Family Tradition

Lemonade Day has become a family tradition in our household, as this is our 3rd year participating. Although there were a lot of things going on for us this year, my wife was determined to get our stand together and ready for Saturday.  And our kids wouldn’t have it any other way.  We love it, are revved up about it, and shared why below!

5 Reasons for Families to Get Revved Up

  1. Family time.  Lemonade Day brings us together at various times throughout the process. There is something special about working on a project together as a family.  Sometimes it gets a little tense as we try to get everything together, but in the end it is great time spent.  This year I have been absent during the last minute preparation, but I will definitely be there on Saturday!
  2. Planning and decision making. Each year our kids learn to plan and make decisions on how they want their business to run.  This is a key skill they will need throughout their lives.
  3. Responsibility.  We help our kids, but we don’t do everything.  We all help in planning, prep, set up, operation, clean-up, and closing.  When they make promises to their customers to serve “scrumdiddlyumpcious” Lemonade then they have to make sure it is.  When they make promises to their investors to pay them back with interest they pay, and pay timely.
  4. Self-esteem.  There are adults who have never started, owned, or operated a business.  After this Saturday, our kids will have done it 3 times, and each time they have been successful. Experiences like this provide confidence builders as they pursue their dreams and passions in the future.
  5. Exposure.  If you want your kids to be or do something exposure is the key.  How can you become or do something that you haven’t been involved with?  If you want to guide our kids into entrepreneurship start them yesterday!  A lemonade stand supported by the community is a great starting point!  Early exposure and experience will provide lessons that they can use later.

When and Where

The picture you see above is our 2 oldest kids, Jackson and Jaicey, at Bledsoe’s Lemonade Stand last year.  They will be selling their delicious lemonade again this year and would love your support!

If you are in the area, please visit their stand and buy some lemonade.  They’ll be set up at this Saturday, May 19th, at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis.  Bledsoe’s Lemonade Stand will be open from 4-8pm.  Both my wife and I will be updating the exact stand location inside the mall, via Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing social media specials and discounts!  If you aren’t in our area, then find a youth entrepreneur’s stand in your area and get some ice cold lemonade!

Question:  Did you start or dream of starting a business as a child?  Please share your experience in the comment section below.

May 18, 2012