4 Innovative Social Good Platforms Doing GREAT Things


Social good, social entrepreneurship, cause marketing, and crowdfunding are a few of the many buzzwords flying around today.  With social media and technological advances people and organizations are coming with up with many creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and funds for various causes and meet the needs of people all over the globe.

I am actually in the process of launching a socially conscious project myself, called Wear for Change. Therefore, I try to stay up to date on the creative ways people are supporting causes to learn from them, and to see what organizations and people we want to support and/or work with.  Wear for Change is in what I call “stealth mode” right now as we are working behind the scenes looking for nonprofits to support and preparing to launch.  Look for it soon!

Here is a list of a few of my favorites that are very creative and effective in raising awareness and funds for causes.


Big Idea: HopeMob brings together caring strangers together to create sudden, yet organized relief and hope to those who need it.  Focusing on one cause (called a “story”) at a time, mobs of people connecting through social media focus their efforts and resources to meet the needs and desired outcome of that particular cause.

HopeMob’s official launch date is April 19th, yet they have already proven they will make a huge impact by the fact that they raised over $125,000 through a Kickstarter project earlier this year.  HopeMob’s efforts are primarily driven by Shaun King and if you have not heard of him then read his bio to see what he has already accomplished in the Social Good arena.  Very impressive.


Big Idea: Cause.it has developed an iPhone app that bridges the gap between nonprofits and volunteers. The app works with your city to match these volunteers with the nonprofits that need them, but an added feature is what makes it so unique.  The app rewards volunteers for their donated time with (discount) points they can redeem at restaurants and other businesses that participate in their program.

Cause.it is just over 6 months old, but is already making a big splash in the city of Indianapolis, which is the pilot city of the project, by signing the nation’s largest mall developer Simon Property Group as a participating business, and gaining support from the city.  Prior to the launch the city of Indianapolis agreed to promote it.  The city’s deputy mayor said the city will benefit by “unleashing an army of mobile activists” into volunteer positions.  Cause.it founder, Gagan Dhillon, hopes to take the app to other cities across the country as well.

Twive and Receive

Big Idea:  Twive and Receive is a 24-hour online giving competition where communities across America will compete for $30,000 in award money for a local nonprofit.  Social media leaders will lead the fundraising efforts for their city by engaging their communities to come together behind one nonprofit.  The 3 registered charities that raise the most money in this 24-hour period will be awarded $15k, $10k, and $5k for first through third place.

Twive and Receive is sponsored by Razoo, which is one of the leading websites in using technology to help individuals and organizations in fundraising.  Their easy-to-use tools and the campaigns they have been apart of have been highly successful (see below).  Nonprofits can register from now through June 13th, and on June 14th the competition will be held online.  I am sure this idea will catch on and will spur many more creative platforms that do a lot of good.

Giving Days

Big Idea:  Giving Days brings entire cities and their local nonprofits together for one day to Give to the Max, to see how much can be generated online in 24 hours.  Communities and causes are united around this giving day and donors and donations pour in.

Razoo is behind Giving Days in addition to Twive and Receive.  The track record of their platforms cannot be disputed, as they have raised more than $88,000,000 for more than 12,000 nonprofits.  Check out one of their Giving Days success stories.  The numbers are nothing short of AMAZING!

Social Good Platforms are Great!

There are many more social good platforms, and those listed above are some of the best and/or some of the most innovative.  If you represent a nonprofit, work in cause marketing, or just have a heart to give then let the key people at your favorite cause know about these platforms above, so they can benefit as well.  I will be sharing more info about my venture, Wear for Change, occasionally via blog posts here, but primarily through it’s Twitter and Facebook profiles.  I encourage you to GET behind your favorite cause and/or platform and do some social good!

Question: What is your favorite charity or cause?

Apr 18, 2012