Whiteboard Wise Words: Is This Your Best?


It seems like we’ve had an ongoing discussion about not “cutting corners” in our house lately. The discussion has primarily came about when our children have been assigned a task or are doing their chores.  As we noticed chores that had not been completed, or poorly completed we focused on working with our children to make sure they did their best and were striving for excellence no matter the task.

Of course, much like other kids, our kids probably do more of what they see us do, than what they hear us say.  So as I’m harping on my daughter for not putting her shoes in the closet (which is less than 2 feet away), I notice (and I’m sure she noticed) my shoes sitting outside my closet door.  As we reminded and encouraged (sometimes with the threat of negative consequences) them to do what they are supposed to, without the need of us constantly reminding or standing over them, I too realized I had room for improvement.

This all brought to mind a scripture that has almost become cliche’ with some people, but is very appropriate and applicable in this situation.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” – Colassians 3:23

Just imagine that.  God as your boss.  Watching what you do.  And you being able to see him do so. Would that change the way you work?  Could you honestly answer “yes”, to the question, “Is this Your Best?”, whether it be the report your supervisor ask you to have on his desk by Thursday, mowing your lawn, or preparing a meal for your family?  Keeping this as my focus this week is definitely changing my work habits.

I have made living out that scripture my goal this week.  I encourage you to do the same.  “Whatever” you do, give it your very best!  I think you’ll get more fulfillment and much better results.

Question:  Will you share one thing this week that you will work at harder than you ever have before?

Apr 19, 2012