Whiteboard Quote of the Day: The Best Last Word = An Apology


Don’t you just hate it when you are having a conversation with someone that just has to have the last word?  You could be 100% right, yet they still have to add one more thing.  Or are you that person? 🙂  Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all, but if a last word has to be said how, then maybe there is a better choice for your last words.

I have noticed with our kids that a battle for the last word is an ongoing thing.  And what I learned from that, is that they learned that “skill” from someone.  Yep, I am guilty!  It is amazing how much we learn about ourselves by watching (and disciplining) our kids.  So my charge to myself this week, and to all those who like to have the last word, is to follow this:

“The best way to get the last word is to apologize.”

The bible teaches us that, “A gentle answer turns anger away.  But mean words stir up anger“, (Proverbs 15:1).  I encourage you to try that out this week, and see what type of results you get.

Question:  In potential volatile situations, what specifically do you do to help say a kind word instead of a harsh word?  Please share in the comment section below.


Aug 6, 2012