Whiteboard Quote of the Day: You Have Help!

I have a problem.  I sometimes take on more than I can handle and don’t rely on those around me. Sometimes I think it is a pride issue, sometimes a patience issue, and even a trust issue.  I’ve learned that I am not the only one like that, there are others who take on large tasks and try to do everything themselves when they have people willing and able to help them.  If you are one of us, I want to remind you…

“You Have Help!”

I am not saying get everyone else to do your work or solve your problems.  What I am saying is that you do not have to go at it alone.  Reach out to someone and share your dream, the problem you are trying to solve, or the question you have, and allow them to help.  Last week, I committed to do the same and will continue to work on it this week.  Let’s help each other.

Question:  What could you use help with right now?  Please share in the comments section below, there just may be someone who reads it, who can help you.



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5 thoughts on “Whiteboard Quote of the Day: You Have Help!

  1. A really smart, practical post. I need help in the yard, btw, if you are strong, willing and able…. oh, and local, lol. (a drunk driver took out some fence, 2 trees and some brickwork – still have car parts all the way up an onto the porch… Luckily he was not hurt although I don’t know how!)

  2. It is a smart person who reaches out for help. For me the hardest part of doing that is I’m afraid they will see how vulnerable I am. I am learning that everyone feels that way.