Whiteboard Quote of the Day: Rise Above It!


How many times do you find yourself in a mess? Either a self-inflicted mess or a mess that has been caused by the people around you?  While at an Awards Ceremony for our son and daughter’s Awana Club, a teenage boy gave a brief talk about his Awana experience.  As he began to speak to us in general, and directly to the younger Awana Club members, something he said stood out to me.  He began his speech by saying 3 words……

“Rise above it!”

I am not sure exactly why it struck me, but it did, and I believe it is an encouraging word to all of us.  If you are like me you are, or have been, in the midst of things that can bog you down, knock you off track, or just completely distract you from you purpose.  I say take the advice of this teenager, and “Rise above it“. Go to a completely new level, don’t settle, don’t drop down to what or who is keeping you down.  When you rise above it, whatever “it” is, then you can move forward to accomplishing something meaningful.  As long as you stay at the same level, or worse, sink down to the level of your mess, progress doesn’t happen.

Question:  Have you chosen to “rise above it”?  In the comment section below please share a time when you did “rise above it!”

May 15, 2012