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Hi, my name is Jackie, and JackieBledsoe.com is my blog.  Thanks for visiting!

For those of you that attended my presentation at the 2014 BDPA National Conference, thank you for attending! Those who viewed my slides or my bio, then stopped by my blog, thank you for clicking through! 🙂

As a thank you for attending my presentation, I want to give you some free stuff to help you better manage social media for your career.

And I also want to give you some free stuff that will help you love and lead those who matter most in your life. Interested? Read on…

Use Social Media the Right Way

First, if you attended my presentation live, please fill out the survey provided by BDPA. Next let’s jump into your freebies. I mentioned several tools that I use for running my blog and social media platforms. Click here to get a download of my top social media tools.

If you are ready to get rolling and start that blog, let me know if you’d like me to create a FREE video tutorial showing you, step-by-step, how to build your blog in less than 20 minutes by clicking here.

Lead and Love Those Who Matter Most

Last, but definitely not least I want to offer you my FREE short eBook, The Family Leader Manifesto. It will give you some practical ways to better lead and love your family. You will get an email once per week with practical marriage and parenting tips.

Btw, once you join my list, please hit reply to that first email and introduce yourself. I want to get to know you!