Site Name Change to – Personal Brand and Life Lessons


One of the reasons I set up this site and began blogging was because I believe that the things that I am learning in life can be beneficial to others.  It is good to learn from our own mistakes, but even better to learn from someone else’s.  So, with the announcement that my site name will be changing from to, I figure there is something I can learn from it and share with others.

If you have been connected with me online, then you may have noticed that all my social media handles, my personal brand, includes my suffix, “Jr“, in it.  Well, for some reason I decided to set up my personal blog without the “Jr” in the domain/site name. Now after 2 weeks of blogging and about 12 posts I decided I want to include the “Jr” in my site name. LOL at myself!  The challenge is that I am not an expert in web development, coding, or even WordPress (the application I use to publish this blog).  So I am not even sure if I can switch the domain over without completely messing the site up, or if I am able to do it how long it will take.  My goal is to have it completed by Monday morning.  Wish me luck! 🙂

So are there any lessons in this “rookie” mistake?  Yes, I believe there are!

Be consistent

One reason I used “Jr” in all of my social media profiles is because I wanted to be as consistent as possible across the plethera of social media networks.  I figured that would help me remember my login info, in case I didn’t visit a site for a while, and it would help others remember me as they were searching for me.  The same should go for you.  Be consistent in all you do and in all your relationships.  You may not speak to someone for a while, and when you do you want them to know that it is truly you.

Be unique

I don’t know too many people who use their suffix online or offline.  I typically do not use my suffix in-person as it seems a little too “official” and I am a little more casual and laid back.  However, I do use it for most everything on paper and online.  If I did use it in-person I think it would definitely be something that would make me stand apart, as I believe it does online.  What sets you apart, what you makes you different?  Whatever it is, embrace it.

Be you

The most important lesson is to be you.  I was born Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. (no need for middle names here…smile).  When we go about our lives we should be, and represent all of who we are.  Let you show, and let you shine!  Don’t change based on the environment or the company you are in at the time.  Even if you do change based on the environment/company, it doesn’t matter, because over time the real you will come out anyway.  So be you from the beginning.

Whether personal branding, blogging, personal or professional relationships I encourage you to make sure you are being consistent, being unique, and being you.  There is no other way to be.

Question: What would you say is most unique about you?

Bonus question: Do you have any suggestions tutorials or helpful info that could help in my site name change?

Feb 25, 2012