How to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage

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Rebuilding Trust in Your Marriage -

Flirting. Pornography. Infidelity. Secrets. Financial mismanagement. Abuse. Fighting. Past hurts. Each one tears apart the fabric of trust in our marriages. Experience enough of any one of them and the trust can be all but gone.

To many people, trust cannot be rebuilt once broken. You might be one of them. But that’s not the case. Trust CAN be rebuilt, but it takes effort by both spouses.

If you’ve experienced a lack of trust in your marriage — due to your very own trust-eroding mistakes, or your spouse’s — don’t lose hope.

I’ve invited my friend Kevin Bullard from Marriage Works! to share the tools he teaches couples helping them rebuild trust in their marriage as part of the “How to … Marriage” Webinar Series.

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What This Rebuilding Trust Workshop Will Do For You

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Rebuilding trust tools for the spouse who broke trust
  • Rebuilding tools for the spouse who has been hurt
  • The 8 trust rebuilding behaviors both spouses must perform
  • Why standards and boundaries are key to reconciliation
  • How to forgive when you’ve been hurt

Plus you’ll get these powerful bonus tools:

  • In-depth Q&A Session – we’ll answer your specific money and marriage questions
  • Lifetime access to the recorded webinar and all downloads

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Meet your hosts for this workshop

Jackie & Stephana BledsoeJackie Bledsoe serves as your host for this workshop. He’s the author of The 7 Rings of Marriage, which releases February 1, 2016, and comes highly recommended by many, including #1 New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman.

Jackie’s goal is to help you better lead and love your family, so you can have a lasting and fulfilling marriage, and meaningful influence on your kids.

Jackie and his wife, Stephana, have been married since June 2001, co-host The 7 Rings of Marriage Show, and live in Indianapolis with their three amazing children.

Kevin & Cetelia Bullard of Marriage Works!Kevin Bullard serves as your guest expert for this workshop. He is one-half of the duo behind Marriage Works!, a ministry that leads couples to experience intimacy with Christ & each other.

Kevin comes from a broken home, so he understands the pain and confusion caused by broken marriages. As a result, he is committed to making his marriage work, and helping you learn how to make yours work as well.

Kevin has been married to his wife, Cetelia, since 2000, and they are parents to three great children: Max, Caitlin, and Kuria Joy.

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