Possible Is All You Need


possible = Adjective: able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something.

How many times are we discouraged by the level of difficulty or amount of time it takes to accomplish something?  As I began thinking about my upcoming week and the many challenges I have in front of  me I was nearing that point.  This week is the beginning of a crucial 90 days for me, my family, and my business and I realized it will be tough!

Last night I happened to come across this quote, “I don’t need easy…just POSSIBLE“, from the movie Soul Surfer (Bethany Hamilton’s story), and it helped me to put things in perspective and serve as a great reminder/source of inspiration.  I had watched the movie before and this quote impacted me just as much now as it did the first time.

You may be dealing with some difficult tasks as well.  I encourage you not to focus on the difficulty, but to focus on the POSSIBILITY.

Feb 13, 2012