Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey


At the end of December, I went through some goal setting exercises with my wife, and also with a few guys in one of my mastermind groups. We used the Best Year Ever goal setting course from my friend, Michael Hyatt.

The exercises in the course gave me the chance to reflect on 2014, while looking ahead to 2015. If I were to compare my 2014 to a movie, I’d say it would fall in the “adventure” genre.

There were some great things I experienced, but nothing came easy. There were plenty of ups and downs, and sometimes it looked like the main character was not going to make it!

By the time the year ended I realized the journey was just as rewarding, if not, more rewarding than the accomplishments. Much of that journey and those accomplishments are now spring-boarding me into 2015, and I couldn’t be more excited!

One of the best parts to me was the impact my blog, writing, and speaking is having on those who read and hear it. In 2015 I want my content to be even more valuable.

I want to share experiences that directly relate to the challenges and needs most important to YOU!

This is why I created my 2015 Reader Survey. For those who’ve been reading my blog for a while you may remember the last reader survey I did in August. That survey was really helpful by providing me with some basic info as to who reads my blog. Since then a lot more people have become readers.

As a result, in my 2015 Reader Survey I’ve kept some of the same questions, but I’ve also added some that will help me to know what matters most to you, your most important needs, and how I can best help you in those areas.

Your input is very important to me. So, will you take a few minutes to fill out the survey? The survey is easy to fill out and will take less than three minutes to complete.

The results are completely anonymous. And it will help make my posts, resources, and the content I create even more interesting and relevant to you.

Yep, I’m happy to help. Take me to the survey!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jan 8, 2015